Steven Bielik

San José, CA




I am proficient in developing and implementing streamlined, modular document delivery systems and content repositories, the content of which is added and updated by administrative staff members and editors, and the output is seen daily by thousands of viewers on the World-wide web. The solutions combined dynamic HTML pages and custom scripts for retrieving from and modifying information in MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server databases. Languages used for these systems include PHP, ASP, and Perl.


I have redesigned and re-engineered entire web sites and systems, using dynamic HTML and advanced JavaScript techniques to ensure that each section has a consistent look-and-feel, modularity, scalability and low maintenance costs. I have also designed membership sections with e-mail/wireless alerts. The membership and eCommerce-enabled shopping cart sections of these highly trafficked sites integrated with various third-party APIs (e.g., WebAuthorize, CCBill, and CyberCash) for Credit Card processing, and robust back-ends allowed administrators to modify access-rights, subscription expirations, and other account information on the fly, as well as issue credits and track other transaction details.


My most recent experience, as chief developer of helped this pioneer of the 14 Karat (14K) Gold Jewelry industry reach a Google Page Rank of 4 in under one year through the use of various SEO techniques. OroLatina is a discount retailer of 14 karat gold jewelry with an amazing array of gold necklaces, gold earrings and other types of jewelry in custom styles in yellow gold, white gold, two-tone and tri-color gold. Developing administrative tools and services allowed this organization to present their extensive catalog with ease.


My previous experience, as architect, developer and CTO of the Pluginz Network and PluginStores conglomerates, allowed me to gain invaluable experience in all aspects of web application and system development, maintenence and management. With assignments in California and the United Kingdom during the staffing process, I was instrumental in transferring knowlege and overall, I helped to ensure consistent and reliable information architecture, code optimization, modularity and reusability.




Programming Languages:

I am an expert in: ASP, PHP, DHTML (JavaScript DOM and VBScript), Perl, SQL, and Visual Basic. I am also well versed in XML/XSL and UNIX shell scripting languages including sh, csh, bash, ksh, awk, and sed. I have extensive experience developing n-tiered environments and middle-ware.


Platforms and Operating Systems:

My skills in this area include: Windows 2000/NT 4.0 (workstation and server), Windows 9x, Linux (Slackware, Mandrake, and Red Hat), Solaris, Novel UnixWare (SCO), HP-UX, and OS/2. I have also installed and administrated Oracle 8i, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, mySQL, Netscape Enterprise Server (iPlanet), Apache, and Internet Information Server.





Pluginz, Inc.



Praxis Press

Elsevier Science

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Miami Beach, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL

White Plains, NY

White Plains, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY

Drastik Plastix

PR Newswire

The Allied Group

Scientific American

Bankers Trust

Cantor Fitzgerald

Goldman Sachs

New York, NY

Jersey City, NJ

New York, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY




State University of New York at Albany

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Graduated May 1997